FilGoal | News | Suarez: I wanted my children to see me leave Barcelona in a decent way … and the truth about the Italian nationality issue


Atletico Madrid striker Luis Suarez has revealed that he wanted to obtain Italian citizenship regardless of Juventus’ interest in joining him.

Suarez took an Italian language test for citizenship at the University of Perugia, and after investigations it was discovered that the Uruguayan test questions had been leaked.

Suarez said in an interview with “El Transitor”: “There was interest from several clubs, not just Juventus.”

He added, “I continued to obtain Italian citizenship, because I worked to obtain it for more than a year.”

The Uruguayan said earlier that he had agreed with Juventus on the terms of the contract before Juventus withdrew from the deal after his failure to obtain Italian citizenship.

The top scorer in the La Rojiblancos shirt so far continued: “Barcelona coach Koeman told me that he would not rely on me, I agreed to that, but I told him that I have a contract, so I wanted to join the team’s training before the start of the season.”

He concluded, “I spoke with Bartimeo as well as my lawyer. It was difficult to leave Barcelona. They did not respect me. I wanted my children to see me leave the club in a decent way.”

Suarez is the top scorer in the Spanish League with 15 goals.


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