FilGoal | News | The Egyptian quintet is exposed to a traffic accident after being excluded from meeting the National Bank


Karim Al-Iraqi against Emmanuel Egypt in the Al-Masry match and Ghazal Al-Mahalla

The quintet of the Egyptian Muhammad Abd al-Latif “Grindo”, Karim al-Iraqi, Islam Salah, Muhammad Shehata, and Ziad Faraj had a traffic accident on Burullus Road.

And as knows, the Khamsi was on his way back to Port Said after he was excluded from meeting the National Bank before the accident.

All the players are in good condition except for Islam Salah, who was bruised.

Al-Masry tied with Al-Ahly Bank in a goalless goalless today, Tuesday, in the 11th round of the league.

The tie raised Al-Masry’s balance to point 17 in fourth place, and Al-Ahly Bank’s balance reached point 9 in eleventh place.


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