FilGoal | News | The Porto player suffered a concussion and lost his memory after falling on his head


Porto right back Nano suffered a serious injury on Thursday after falling to the head after colliding with Belenensee keeper Stanislav Kretsyuk in a match that ended without goals in the Portuguese league.

The 26-year-old Guinea-Bissau national team player received medical treatment on the stadium for 10 minutes before he was loaded into an ambulance that took him to Sao Francisco Javier Hospital in the capital, Lisbon.

The Porto players cried after their teammate fainted, and some spoke to Nano after his horrific injury.

After the match, Pepe, the captain of Porto and former Real Madrid defender, said he was told by doctors that Nano had regained consciousness.

Porto explained the player’s condition by saying in a statement: “Nano suffered a concussion in the brain and spinal cord and lost his memory. His condition is now stable and he has regained consciousness.”

For his part, Porto coach Sergio Conceicao exploded because of the stadium and the referee, saying: “There are things that I do not understand, playing in a stadium like this, for those who want to attack things are difficult. Defending is easier than attacking in a stadium like this. I do not know how to play matches on this floor, which increases.” Chances of hitting players. “

He continued, “He was judged by an argument and he is appointed for this match. It is disgusting and we are upset. This (Nano) collision counts a penalty anywhere! Is the contact spontaneous? Well, who commits a penalty kick spontaneously? We were cheated and robbed today.”

FC Porto, the current runners-up in the league and the defending champions, put them three points behind leaders Sporting Lisbon.

Porto will visit Sporting Braga on Sunday in the 18th round of the League.


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