FilGoal | News | Zamalek: A special penalty clause on Galatasaray .. And all Egyptian clubs suffer from a financial crisis


Ibrahim Abdullah, a member of the Executive Committee of Zamalek Club, said that his team had set a penalty clause on Galatasaray Club in the event that Mustafa Mohamed’s deal dues were delayed, indicating that his team is not the only one suffering from a financial crisis, but rather all Egyptian clubs, including Al-Ahly.

Abdullah said on MBC Egypt, saying: “As a fan of Zamalek, I can tell you that I am sad about the loss and not sharing the new deals, but as an official, I will say that this is the vision of the technical staff, and Jamie Pachecos point of view, and we cannot interfere with it.”

And he continued, “It is absolutely impossible to interpret this as dissatisfaction with the two deals, because before we contracted with any player or agreed to loan any player, we met with Pacheco, and he suggested 4 names to us.”

He continued, “Pacheco told us I wish to include one player from them. It was at the top of the list was Marwan Hamdi and Saif El Din Al Jaziri, and I cannot disclose the other two names.”

He continued, “Hossam Hassan was not at the top of that list.”

And he added, “I cannot talk about the other names because we did not negotiate directly with their clubs.”

And he went on, “We knew that we would not benefit at the African level by Saif al-Din al-Jaziri, but we wanted to strengthen the team because we compete in more than one championship.”

He continued, “We included those who asked Pacheco, and when we discussed him he said that he needed a player with the same characteristics as Al-Jaziri in order to maintain the team’s ranking in the Premier League.”

Zamalek had lost 2-1 from Ghazl El Mahalla in the 11th round of the Egyptian League, which was the team’s first loss this season.

Turning to the discussion about Ferjani Sassi’s contract renewal, he said: “All that is said about Ferjani Sassi from the end of November until now is unrealistic or accurate, and no official statement was issued by the club or the player.”

“Ferjani is a committed player like the team players. There is no rebel or refuses to train, even when he traveled, it was with the permission of the technical staff, and the evidence did not impose a penalty on him,” he added.

He added, “Since he loves the fans of Zamalek and the fans of Zamalek love him, his renewal will be announced upon the conclusion of the negotiations.”

He continued, “I never heard any statement from my boss, or he did not say that he did not want to renew, and the coach did not say that either.”

“Zamalek fans trust Ferjani Sassi, the coach and the management to work in the right direction,” he added.

Sassi’s contract with Zamalek ends at the end of the current season.

And he talked about Zamalek’s obtaining the value of Mustafa Muhammad’s loan to Galatasaray, saying: “The money from the Galatasaray deal will arrive within 48 hours from the time the international card arrives.”

And he added, “We have set a penalty clause on Galatasaray. If the 48-hour deadline has passed, and then after 5 days, the club will pay the Turkish club a fine of $ 500,000 and another fine for each additional day in the amount of $ 50,000.”

He continued, “We seek to develop the club’s material resources. We do not like that the club is in a financial crisis for any reason, because this will affect the football industry.”

“It is not just Zamalek who suffers from a financial crisis, all the league clubs are suffering from a financial crisis due to the huge increase in the prices of players and their transfers.”

And he added, “Note that Zamalek took the initiative this year to correct the price of players strongly, and this was evident in our winter contracts.”

He added, “I cannot talk about Al-Ahly.”

He added, “What I can confirm is that all Egyptian clubs are going through a financial crisis, with all my respect for the Al-Ahly club. It has a financial crisis, but I cannot talk about Al-Ahly. I am a representative of Zamalek and I am talking about it and I do not compare myself to it.”

“Zamalek is a big club and it has its resources and sons who can think of making financial sustainability not only for the club, but to protect the football industry in Egypt,” he added.

“When you see big clubs such as Ismaily and Al Mahalla, they could have been destroyed by the financial crises,” he said.


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