FilGoal | News | Zamalek doctor: The injury of Mathlouthi and Shekabala is not worrisome … I preferred not to risk them against Mahalla


Obama’s fourth great goal for Zamalek is in the clearing range of the Shikabala industry

Mohamed Osama, the doctor of the Zamalek club, said that the injury of the duo Hamza Mathlouthi and Mahmoud Abdel Razek “Shikabala” is simple and does not cause concern, but he preferred not to risk it. And in his statements on the “Zamalek” channel.

Osama said: “Shikabala complained after the clearing match of pain in the back muscles, so we decided to rest him and not risk him against the locality.”

He continued, “With regard to Hamza Mathlouthi, there was friction in the training session with one of the players, and he suffered a bruise in the inner ligament.”

He continued, “He underwent an x-ray, which is a minor injury.”

He continued, “The injury to the duo is very simple.”

Turning to talk about the newly joined duo and his physical condition, he said: “Al-Jaziri and Marwan participated with their teams and they looked fine. I did not fully contact them. It was just a simple interview.”

And he added, “During the Egypt clearing match, I told one of those on the bench next to me that this player looks strong and loves the physical side very much (Marwan Hamdy). It was a coincidence and I did not know or there is any information about his joining our team.”

And he concluded, “I got a fellowship at FC Barcelona on 4 stages in the bones, had it not been for the circumstances of the Corona epidemic, I would have traveled, but I got it via the Internet.”

Zamalek is preparing to face Ghazl El Mahalla on Tuesday in the 11th round of the Egyptian Premier League.


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