FilGoal | News | Zamalek: Sassi did not rebel against the club … and cooperated with Military Production to build a branch and stadium for the club


Ibrahim Abdullah, a member of the Zamalek Executive Committee, denied the rumors about the rebellion of team midfielder Ferjani Sassi due to his late dues.

A member of the Executive Committee in Zamalek told “On Time Sports” channel, saying: “Ferjani Sassi never rebelled against Zamalek and did not stipulate the club. Some agents issue some details that did not happen.”

And he continued, “Everything that was raised about Sassi is completely unfounded. Is there a penalty issued against him by the administration one day? This did not happen.”

Regarding Zamalek’s deals, he said: “Everything was done with the knowledge of Jaime Pacheco and everything that he himself set with the Football Committee, whether we included them or were loaned.”

When asked about the cooperation protocol with the Ministry of Military Production, Ibrahim Abdullah replied: “It provides for the construction of the October branch for Zamalek and a stadium to serve the club’s members.”

He continued, “The financing is provided by the Military Production Company for Investment and Construction.”


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