FilGoal | News | Zamalek: The stability of the club appears in the team’s results .. We will publish the details of the October branch later


Hussein Al-Samri, a member of the Executive Committee of Zamalek Club, said that the club’s branch in 6th of October City will be established as soon as a suitable design is reached and how to finance the project. And in his statements on the “Ontime Sports” channel.

Al-Samri said, “It was long awaited to establish a branch of Zamalek Club on October 6. The land was about to be withdrawn, but the matter was done in the right time.”

“The details are not clear enough to be published, but once all the details are agreed, we will publish them,” he said.

“Imad Abdel Aziz, head of the committee that runs the club’s affairs, kept the matter from everyone, but he said after 10 days, I will have news that everyone will be happy.”

He continued, “We had a large plot of land, and a loss to continue throughout this period without work.”

And he added, “A final vision has not been reached yet, because we will see through the designs the cost and the financing and how the process will be completed. Of course, there will be financing because Imad Abdel Aziz told us: Rest assured.”

“Of course, we will open the door for memberships, and there is an idea of ​​creating a commercial park,” he added.

He continued, “Things are largely stable and this is evident in the team’s results. The last match for the football team presented a very high level and a new spirit. Pacheco expressed this during his meeting with us and said that he sees a better spirit and system within the club.

He concluded, “We seek material aspects through proposed projects that we will announce through the interim and executive committee, so that there are sustainable resources and not piece-by-piece, and not to look into the matter and see how we finance it. Currently, we are going in a correct way, we see what we have and deal with it.”


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