Focus with Me … 6 Steps to Prevent Facebook from Monitoring You and Tracking Your Internet Activity


Facebook has recently been severely criticized because the social network platform accesses users’ data much more than its basic functions need. The social media giant begins tracking your data and online activity as soon as any user creates an account on its platform. According to the “indian express” website, there are several Ways to stop allowing Facebook to track your daily activities or data, as you can turn off most of Facebook’s unnecessary permissions in order to work properly, you will only need to visit the settings section in apps on your phone and from the Notifications Permissions option turn off unnecessary permissions.

Focus with Me ... 6 Steps to Prevent Facebook from Monitoring You and Tracking Your Internet Activity

Steps to prevent Facebook from tracking your internet activity on Android phones

The first stepFirst: Your phone must be Android and not any other operating system like Apple’s iOS. Open the Facebook application on your Android phone and then click on the three horizontal lines at the top right of the screen.

The second step: Download the list at the top of the screen, “The curtain above” and click on the Settings & Privacy option.

The third stepClick on Settings and then scroll to the “Off-Facebook Activity” option. From this page, you will see the applications or sites that you have visited and share user data with Facebook. Click on the three vertical dots to see the information that each of them collects about you.

The fourth step: Click on the “Clear History” option, as this option will delete all the data that Facebook collected about you.

Fifth stepThis step is very important, because without it Facebook will be able to follow you and monitor you again. To prevent it from collecting data, you must click on More options, then Manage Future Activity.

Sixth stepClick again on the Manage future activity option and click on Off-Facebook Activity.


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