For adults only, it is forbidden to enter the small ones


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The Syrian star Nisreen Tafesh revealed a wide part of her bare back in a new summer look through her official account on the Instagram photo and video exchange site
Tafesh’s appearance comes against the backdrop of the vacation she spends on the Egyptian coasts in the Red Sea after her remarkable attendance at the El Gouna Film Festival, in its fourth session.

The Syrian star hid her slender front part in the water, in a dramatic snapshot of her bikini in the pool

For adults only, it is forbidden to enter the small ones - Nisreen Tafesh Malt Zalat
Photo by Nisreen Tafesh

The audience praised the appearance of Tafesh and her spontaneous appearance from her official accounts and gracefully flirted with her body in the attached video with the pictures in which she appeared on a swing on the sands of the sea

It is worth noting that Nisreen occupied the Arab trend with her bold dresses and looks from the El Gouna Festival on Red Carpet and her recent marriage declarations in 2021.

And pointed out that Tafesh participated on the technical level in the championship of the series “Seal al-Nimr” with Ahmed Salah Hosni, and also participated in the series “The Other Face with Majid Al-Masry,” which extends for 45 episodes.


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