For men … practices that you won’t believe have an impact on sperm health


Follow-up – Ramah Ismail:

On a daily basis, men practice unhealthy practices that affect their sperm and fertility. Some of these practices may be unexpected. It should also be reduced and avoided permanently.

Among these practices:

Smoking significantly affects sperm production in men. This weakens the chances of conceiving, so it is advised to quit it even if pregnancy occurs. To avoid fetal deformities and other damages that may be exposed to the fetus after birth.

– Body temperature is one of the important things that has an effect on sperm volume, as whatever leads to a man’s temperature rise has a reason to affect sperm count.

Tight pants, hot baths, and cycling, all of these things cause an increase in the temperature in this area; It has an effect on the man’s sperm.

-Among the reasons that lead to reducing sperm is also exposure to stress, so it is advised to relax, avoid stress and maintain good sleep.

Men overlook the importance of their sexual health when exercising, as it plays an important role in increasing the number of sperms; So it is advised to practice it periodically.


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