For this reason, Mahmoud Yassin’s family refused to put a “here lived” sign on his old home


Actress Rania Mahmoud Yassin said that she is happy to place a sign “Here Lives” on the house of artist Mahmoud Yassin in Sheikh Zayed City.

She added, during her interview, to the “Cairo and the People” satellite channel, that she wished to place this sign on his old house, but it was demolished and a property was built in its place, so a sign cannot be placed in its place.

And she continued, we left the old villa, it was demolished, and we no longer owned it, so it was better to put it in his second house.

It is worth noting that the great artist Mahmoud Yassin left our world on October 14, 2020, and was buried in the cemetery of his family in Fayoum, and his family received condolences in Sheikh Zayed in the presence of a large constellation of art stars and celebrities.


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