Forbes publishes a list of countries most vaccinated per 100 inhabitants against Corona



The American magazine “Forbes” published a list of countries that have begun to vaccinate their citizens against the Corona virus, noting that the United States leads the world in this list in terms of the number of citizens who have been vaccinated.

She said that according to Oxford University’s Our World in Data Project, the United States leads the world in total vaccine doses of 32.2 million, followed by China (24 million), the United Kingdom (9.79 million), Israel (4.99 million) and India (3.95 million). .

Israel has the highest vaccination rate, giving 57.65 doses per 100 people, followed by the UAE (34.79 per 100 people), the United Kingdom (14.42), Bahrain (10.16) and the United States (9.63).

The vaccination rate in the European Union is much lower than in the United States and the United Kingdom at only 2.86 doses per 100 people.

Malta and Denmark also have the highest vaccination rates in the European Union (6.29 and 4.66 doses per 100 people, respectively) while Spain, Italy, Portugal and Germany achieved only about three doses per 100 people, and France and Belgium less than that.

Although China had the second largest number of doses administered, it gave only 1.67 doses per 100 people, Brazil gave 1 dose per 100 doses and India 0.29 doses.

Source: “Forbes”

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