Friday: Al-Ahly achieved what it wanted from the championship


Wael Jumaa, a former Al-Ahly player, confirmed that the red team presented its way in the Club World Cup by beating Al-Duhail, Qatar, indicating that the team should enjoy the Bayern Munich match.

Al-Ahly won a precious victory over Al-Duhail in the quarter-finals of the World Cup.

“Al-Ahly made the first step by defeating Al-Duhail and achieving what it wants from the tournament,” Wael Jumaa said during the match’s analysis studio.

He added: “Al-Ahly’s defenders deprived the Al-Duhail strikers of opportunities, and Ayman and Badr Bannon played a big match, and they tolerated many mistakes from the players who play around them.”

He continued: “There is no impossible against Bayern, and the pressure has been lifted from the team, and Bayern are the most likely to win the championship, and we must enjoy playing against Bayern.”

Jumaa concluded his remarks: “The players made a history for themselves after winning the FIFA Club World Cup.”


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