From running away to bullying in the cinema and then rewarding our Lord .. Who is Rajwat Mansour?


Who is that girl, may God be pleased with her, despite all the difficulties she faced, until some people took advantage of her because she was “unpleasant”, to perform some secondary roles in Egyptian cinema as a kind of comedy.

Was the makers Cinema these days always need a girl who does not have a degree of beauty according to the requirements of some roles, and here was the fortune of “Rajwat Mansour”. He was a facilitator to some extent and participated in more than 14 cinematic works, including The Kingdom of Women, the movie Long Live the Men, The Wedding Night and other films.

Origin of tale and history of Rajwat:

Rajwat Mansour, an Egyptian actress, was born in 1914, from a rich family in Iwan, in Aswan. He married all her siblings except for her. She decided to go to Cairo to live a better life. Rajwat worked in a store, and a director saw her and offered her to act in a movie. “The wedding night”, with the role of “Soso”, the fiancee of Ismail Yassin, in 1950, so she agreed and from here began her acting career, and acted in 14 films.

Then she received a lot of criticism and ridicule because of her features that are far from beauty, so she decided to retire and not act again, but before her retirement she was able to prove that beauty is not the beauty of the figure but the beauty of the soul.

Know the beauty of her character:

So he lived next to “Rajwat”, an old man who lived with his eight siblings and his old mother, and Rajwat helped his mother raise her children.

The sheikh was married to a widowed woman, who had four children, and he used to help her raise them, and after that his wife died, so his mother suggested that he marry a woman, and he agreed, and likewise also wishes.

Then the sheikh’s mother passed away, and then he, to devote her life’s hopes to raising the sheikh’s eight brothers and his wife’s four children, and that great lady raised 12 orphans until they graduated to the highest positions.

She died prostrating?

Everyone who raised them decided to host her with him for a month until she asked them to go for the Hajj, and they agreed, and they went there and got lost among them, and they kept looking for her until they found her dead while she was prostrating in the Haram, and she was buried there, so may God grant us such a blessing conclusion.


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