Gates optimistic about the improvement of the epidemiological situation in the world – health statement


Bill Gates, founder of Microsoft of America, stressed the lessons learned from the Corona pandemic, expressing optimism about an improvement in the epidemiological situation worldwide.

At the same time, Gates expressed his optimism about an improvement in the epidemiological situation worldwide by the summer season, expressing also regret for the increase in the number of deaths in Corona in many countries.

Gates warned that the next epidemic may be 10 times worse, indicating that the current difficult situation will continue for several months until warm weather arrives, and thanks to the availability of vaccines and vaccination, it will be possible to achieve a decrease in the death rate, according to Russia today.

The German newspaper Suddeutsche Zeitung confirmed that the founder of “Microsoft” has been actively working for several years to improve health care around the world, pointing out that he has become an enemy in the eyes of supporters of conspiracy theories because of his active efforts in support of vaccination campaigns against the coronavirus.


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