Ghandour: They likened me to “Maradona” in Yugoslavia


Khaled Al-Ghandour, a player for Zamalek and the former national team, said that his idol in football was the former Al-Ahly player, Taher Abu Zaid.

Al-Ghandour added, during an interview with On Time Sport, today, Friday, “Captain Farouk Jaafar is a famous and great player, but his style of play was different from me while Taher Abu Zaid was my idol, so I liked the way he played.”

And the former Zamalek player continued: “When I was with Zamalek in Yugoslavia, we used to wear new sets for one of the brands, but they are not known now. Yugoslavia teams were known during this period to wear distinctive brands and this coincided with the 1986 World Cup and Maradona broke the world, so the Yugoslavs started saying that I am Maradona. After every match, they wanted to change shirts with me. ”

And al-Ghandour went on: “I remember when I was young there were tests in the Al-Ahly club and we communicated with Captain Rayo, and after we went out from the door of the villa in which we were living, the house phone rang and I heard it for me and my father. He says that Captain Raou will not be present, and we have to come another time, and at that time, even if I had gone to the tests without (intermediary), I would have accepted, but then I moved to the classes of the Nasr City club. ”

He continued: “I went with one of the players to the contractors’ tests, and I was 15 years old, but the contractors preferred players with a physical build. I did not join and I went to Nasr City Club, and at that time I received two offers from Al-Ahly and Zamalek, so I found my father and the president of Nasr City club telling me that Al-Ahly wanted me and offered more money than Zamalek and he will pay.” I have 5 thousand pounds, while Zamalek will not pay me any personal financial compensation. Rather, my father will pay the club, even though he is my family and allows me the freedom to choose. ”

Al-Ghandour concluded his statements by noting that he preferred to move to Zamalek despite Al-Ahly’s offer, saying: “I informed the president of Nasr City that Zamalek had made me travel with Yugoslavia before I went with him, as Farouk Jafar stood with me, so I will buy whoever bought me.”


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