Ghazal El Mahalla achieves a deadly victory over Zamalek in the league


Ghazl El Mahalla club achieved a fatal victory over Zamalek, with two goals to one, this evening, Tuesday, within the framework of the 11th week of the Egyptian We League matches.

Zamalek had advanced with a clean goal scored by Ferjani Sassi – who was sent off in the 86th minute – after 69 minutes, but El Mahalla scored the equalizer in the 76th minute, and then the victory in the 90 + 5 minute.

Zamalek’s defeat is his first in the current season of the league, in light of his attempts to move away as much as possible by taking advantage of Al-Ahly’s participation in the Club World Cup, while the victory comes to become the second spin in the competition.

With this result, Zamalek’s balance has frozen at 23 points at the top of the league standings, while Ghazl El Mahallas balance rose to 12 points, to jump to ninth place equally with Smouha.

the summary of the match

Zamalek tried to impose control over the course of the game in the first minutes of the match, but Ghazal Mahalla met him by relying on high pressure to try to extract the ball quickly, which led to the confinement of play in the middle of the stadium.

The two teams tried to advance towards the goals in the first minutes, as Zamalek relied on ground passes, while Ghazl al-Mahalla tried to advance counterattacks, but without any danger to the guards until the 18th minute.

The first risk in the match was in favor of Zamalek in the 19th minute after a breakout from the left front so that the ball passed to Imam Ashour, who aimed a weak ball heading towards Ahmed Sayed “Zizou”, but it passed in front of his foot and the goal to leave the stadium.

Mahalla responded in the 23rd minute by penetrating Fathi Mabrouk to the defense from the left side, to pass a ball into the penalty area to Islam Fouad, who had acquired it before trying to shoot, but Mahmoud Alaa’s foot prevented the ball from passing the ball to Zamalek’s goal.

And Mohamed Abdel-Ghani suffered a severe injury in the 25th minute of the match, which led to bloodshed from the area below the mouth, forcing Jamie Pacheco, Zamalek’s coach, to make a first substitution by paying Mahmoud Hamdy “Al-Wensh” instead.

Zamalek missed a scoring opportunity in the 36th minute after a wonderful long pass from Imam Ashour towards Zizou, who received it and skipped the goalkeeper, but moved away from the ball to catch up and passes an easy pass to the defenders.

The 45 + 1 minute came with a dangerous opportunity for Zamalek after Ferjani Sassi received a pass on the borders of the penalty area to shoot it towards the goal, but it hit the feet of the defense before returning to Imam Ashour, who hit it next to the left post.

The series of wasted opportunities from Zamalek continued in the second half after Zizou converted a cross ball inside the penalty area towards Imam Ashour, who turned the head around, but it passed high above the goal in the 60th minute.

Hazem Imam turned a high cross in the 62nd minute towards Imam Ashour, but he played it with an easy header in the hands of the goalkeeper, before playing another cross, but it was a floor in the 64th minute.

The 69th minute came with Zamalek’s first goal in the meeting through Ferjani Sassi, who turned a wonderful cross from Imam Ashour with his head towards the far left corner to decipher the goal of Ghazl El Mahalla.

Al-Mahalla quickly scored the equalizer in the 76th minute of the match, after Khaled Kassab’s cross from the left side, to pass through Zamalek’s defense and head to Abdo Yahya, who fired a powerful shot at the goal of Mohammed Abu Jabal.

Ferjani Sassi was sent off in the 86th minute of the match after a dangerous game towards Mohamed Sami to get a second yellow card, after he got the first in the 73rd minute for a strong intervention against Ahmed Adel.

The 90 + 5 minute came with a fatal goal to spin El Mahalla after a fatal defensive error from the Zamalek players, so Khaled Kassab got the ball and tries to dodge Abu Jabal to bounce back to Khaled Al-Akhmimi, who shot it in the empty goal, announcing the victory of the landowners.

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