Global Health announces good news about Corona injuries globally – Covid-19


The World Health Organization announced a decrease in the number of Coronavirus infections around the world for the third consecutive week.

The Director-General of the World Health Organization, Tedros Adhanom, warned of the continued increase in infections with the Coronavirus in a number of countries, adding, “At the global level, this is encouraging news.”

Adhanom said during a press conference that these data show that the epidemic can be controlled despite the emergence of new strains, explaining, “If the same necessary health measures are followed, we can reduce the spread of infection and save lives.”

He pointed out that the Corona virus was a challenge to the most powerful health systems in the world, calling for adherence to preventive measures and the sharing of vaccines.

He stressed that controlling the spread of the Coronavirus now protects lives, reduces the chances of disease reproduction and then prevents the spread of new strains, and this helps the continued effectiveness of existing vaccines.


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