Global Health: The coming period will witness promising new vaccines against Corona


Maha Talaat, the regional advisor to the infection prevention unit at the World Health Organization, confirmed that in light of the new transformations of the Corona virus and the emergence of new strains, and their great ability to spread, it is necessary to prepare and avoid a large spread of the virus in the coming period, and they are not strains in the literal sense, but rather they are Mutations, and these mutations may not have any dangerous effects on human health.

He added during an interview with Ramy Radwan, the media, in the “Evening.” dmcWhich is broadcast on the channel dmc: “The people who have been vaccinated are monitored, with various vaccinations, and the effect of each vaccinated vaccine on new mutations of a virus is studied, and so far the process of evaluating vaccines before final approval is continuing, and there is a decision that will be issued within a week regarding approved vaccines.”

He said: “In the near future, we will see vaccines that are much larger than the number of vaccines currently available, and there are vaccines that are being tested in their third phase, and we seek to distribute the Corona vaccine fairly around the world.”

She continued: “The report that was written about the new Chinese virus was circulated with misunderstanding, and there are no reports confirming that there is another pandemic with another very dangerous virus, as it is being circulated on social media.”


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