Gold price reversal today in Egypt … 18 pounds lower than this morning


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Decreased Gold price today in Egypt Within 4 hours, with a large percentage of all bullets in what is considered a price reversal in the last working days of the global stock exchanges, which are witnessing fluctuations in the prices of the dollar as a result of the American stimulus package, which raised its price against many currencies, the most important of which is the euro and led to a decline World gold price.

Prices are seen Gold gram This morning, a significant rise from yesterday, which did not hold for more than 4 hours, and rose during it The price of a gram of gold For all bullets as well The price of a pound of gold This is what happened to be reversed this afternoon after the rise in gold prices.

Low gold prices today in Egypt

drop The price of a gram of 24 carat gold todayTo 905 pounds in the afternoon instead of 923 pounds in the morning down 18 pounds.

drop The price of a gram of gold is 21 carat today To 792 pounds in the afternoon instead of 808 pounds down 16 pounds.

decline The price of a gram of 18 carat gold today To 679 pounds in the afternoon instead of 694 pounds down 15 pounds.

The price of the gold pound fell today to 6340 pounds at noon, instead of 6464 pounds Down 124 pounds.

The decline in gold prices globally against the dollar

Decreased Gold prices worldwide At two oclock this afternoon, Egyptian time, in global stock exchanges, to $ 1804 instead of $ 1810 at half past ten this morning, what was reflected on Gold prices in Egypt That decreased in response to the decrease in World gold price.

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