Gold prices rise today in Egypt and globally at the close of trading


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Soared Gold prices today in Egypt At the conclusion of transactions and on global stock exchanges in the last dealings of the week before the stock market vacation on Saturday and Sunday in a week full of fluctuations Dollar prices As a result of the US stimulus package that led to the dollar’s price increase against foreign currencies and a reduction World gold price.

Prices have fluctuated Gold gram Today, between high and low, the extent of high and low during today’s trading reached 18 pounds, up and down, due to the rise and fall of the price on global exchanges.

The price of a gram of 24 carat gold today 911 pounds.

The price of a gram of gold is 21 carat today 797 pounds.

The price of a gram of 18 carat gold today 683 pounds.

The price of the gold pound today is 6376 pounds.

Soared Gold prices worldwide To reach 1811 dollars at nine oclock this evening Egyptian time on the global stock exchanges from the price of 1,804 dollars at two oclock in the afternoon, and this rise was reflected in Gold prices in Egypt And that went up with the height Globally.

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