Gold prices today, Monday 1-2-2021 in Egypt


Mamdouh Abdullah, one of the gold producers in Egypt, revealed that the future of the gold price is now more related to the distribution of Corona virus vaccines, as well as the anticipated American stimulus plan, which makes gold a permanent change, referring to the rise of gold at the beginning of the week’s transactions at a value of 5 pounds so far in Egypt, after the global rise of $ 20.

Gold prices today are recorded for 18 carats, which are worth 698 pounds per gram, 21 carats are priced at 815 pounds per gram, 24 carats are recorded at 931 pounds per gram, the gold pound has a price of 6520 pounds, an ounce of gold is 1865 dollars.

It is noteworthy that the rise in the price of a gram of gold in Egypt, on the first day of February 2021, came as a result of a noticeable increase in the price of an ounce of gold from 1844 dollars, which is the closing price of the past week, to 1865 dollars now, with the opening of trading on gold on the first day of this week, in order to stop trading On Sundays every week.

The rise in the global price of gold comes in a changing and volatile climate in the stock exchanges and the movement of shares, which leads to an increase in demand for safe havens, including gold, but the market has witnessed since last week several fluctuations and great speculations that the price of gold has changed throughout the day more than once.

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