Hala Sarhan to Amr Diab: The sufficiency of a little girls | news


The media, Hala Sarhan, commented on the images of the artist Amr Diab with the presenter and model, Engy Kiwan, and sparked controversy on social media.
On the authority of Ashraf Saleh: You have a debt in my neck, which I will pay for the Day of Judgment

Hala Sarhan wrote on her Twitter account: “Amr Diab pictures with a model that turned the media entity about a new love story. Talaat Al-Sitt is married and has children. Woman, I am saying enough is a little stat, O Amour. “

It is noteworthy that the artist Amr Diab is preparing to shoot the advertisement for his new perfume, which he will launch for the first time in Dubai during a big party on Namous Beach on February 22.
What do you not know about Enji Kiwan, who caused controversy with her photos with the plateau? Alexandria broadcaster and her husband is Lebanese

The advertisement will be directed by Tariq Al-Erian and will be filmed with the song “I Am Ma3ak”. The advertisement will be featured by the media and model Ingie Kiwan. (the details)

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