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During the last period, news spread about the return of the Mu’tazila star Hanan Turk, to act and be the spotlight again, and some confirmed that she is currently reading several scenarios to choose one of them to make her return distinct.

Hanan’s close friend denied the news in detail, and said that the Mu’tazila star is present these days in the United States of America, where she decided to go there to settle without return, and moved her life completely there with her children and her husband.

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The close friend of the star Hanan Turk added that the Mu’tazila artist lives with her children with the family of her husband, brother of the Brotherhood leader Hassan Malik, in the United States, completely denying Turk’s return to representation, as well as to Egypt from the ground up during these years, describing her return to acting again as extremely impossible.

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Hanan Turk got married five times, the first was from businessman Ayman Al-Suwaidi and after her marriage an hour her father passed away. Their marriage lasted for a month and separated after disagreements and later married the artist Zikra, the second was the Egyptian businessman «Khaled Khattab» and they had two sons, Youssef and Adam. Her religious commitment led to their divorce.

She married director Hadi al-Bagouri and the marriage did not last long, and the fourth in 2008 she married a doctor named Muhammad Yahya, as that marriage is the shortest and most mysterious, as other reports indicated that he was a Saudi businessman, as she announced that marriage after she gave birth to her third son. Mohammed.

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She got married for the fifth time to Mahmoud Malik, the brother of the Brotherhood leader, Hassan Malik, and he secretly disappeared and hid him for a year and a half, and it is considered the most successful in her life, as their marriage continues to this day, which resulted in two daughters, Maryam and Mona.


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