Hani Al-Nazer warns of an upcoming danger with high temperatures


The country is experiencing a state of high in Temperatures And it lasts for several days, and it is reported that the new Corona virus is not active at high temperature, but it is active with its decrease and the chance of its spread is faster.

Dr. Hani Al-Nazer warned, on his official page on the social networking site “Facebook”, of a danger that might threaten many during a period of high temperature, which is “colds.”

And the header wrote: “As I told you last week and that according to the global weather maps, we are expected to witness a rise in temperatures starting today, and it has already occurred. Therefore, I repeat and remind you that there is another rise, more as of Monday, as the bone may reach 26 degrees Celsius and will continue several days”.

He added: “Rather, it is expected that this unusual warm wave will continue at this time of the year until mid-February, so we say, thank God, the high temperature and warmth of the air is an important factor in limiting the spread of the Corona virus and it helps to further decrease the number of new infections as we continue.” To stick to the muzzle and spacing, God willing. ”

He continued: “I repeat my previous warning that clothes should not be diluted at all in the coming days, for fear of exposure to colds. We are indispensable in these circumstances.”

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