Hanin Hossam reveals the reason for taking off the veil .. Watch


Hanin Hossam, a tik-tok girl, posted a video on her personal account on the social networking site Instagram, and on which she justified the reasons for removing the veil, after her release from prison and confirmed that she was wearing it incorrectly.

In the video, he talked about her upcoming plans and the content to be presented. She also touched on the part of the veil and removing it, and she said my dress was tight and attractive, and I said that he was provoking people.

The tik-tok girl continued her words and said, “I say you are distorting the image of the veil.

She added, “I promise you that you will not wear clothes or wear outside, and it is mentioned that recently, Hanin Hussam was released on a 15,000 EGP bail after she was arrested on charges of human trafficking and incitement to immorality and immorality.


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