Hanin Hussam left the coastal section after paying the guarantee


08:53 PM

Monday 01 February 2021

Books – Mahmoud Al-Shorbagy:

Security forces in Cairo have completed the procedures for the release of Hanin Hussam, known as the “Tik Tok” girl.

A security source confirmed that “Hanin” left the Sahel Police Station, and it was found that she was not wanted due to other cases.

Lawyer Hussein al-Baqar told the defense of the accused, Haneen Hussam, to “Masrawy,” that 5 thousand pounds had been paid, which is the bail set for her release in the case of human trafficking.

On 27 January, the Cairo Criminal Court ruled to reject the prosecution’s appeal against the decision issued by the opposition judge to release Hanin Hossam, the “TikTok” girl, accused of “human trafficking” on a bail of 5 thousand pounds, and endorsing the decision to release.

The Cairo Court of Appeals, meeting in Abbasiya, had set a session on the 27th; To consider the Public Prosecution’s appeal, on the decision to release the Tik Tok Hanin Hussam girls on bail of 5 thousand pounds, and the affidavit of Adham on bail of 15 thousand pounds in the case of human trafficking.

On January 26, the Ain Shams Appellate Court decided to release the two defendants pending the case with a bail of 5,000 pounds for Hanin Hussam, and 15,000 pounds for Mawaddah Al-Adham in the human trafficking case, and then the prosecution appealed the decision, and the court later agreed to support Hanin Hussam’s release and accept the prosecution’s appeal and continue Imprisonment of affection for Adham.

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