Hazem Imam: Pyramids players “bought their brain” … and millions, equal to 5 teams, are on the ground


Hazem Imam, the star of Zamalek and the former Egyptian national team, confirmed that this season is the worst for Pyramids since his conversion from Assiuti Sport, and the little fox said in his One Two program on On Sport FM: “This is the worst season for Pyramids since his shift from Assiuti to Pyramids. It is clear that there is a problem. Strange, the team played 11 games and won only three meetings. ”

Hazem Imam added: “The coach may be a monster, but what is certain is that there are problems between the players and each other, and in a flaw that bought her brain when she sensed that a new player came and played and their emptiness are the ones that lead to the night.”

The little fox continued: “What happens is not normal. A group with millions and decades is the most expensive and unfortunate results. Enppi, Al-Masry, El-Gouna, and with them Al-Ahly and Zamalek did not spend the millions that Pyramids spent to form this team.”

Enppi team scored a dear victory over Pyramids by three goals to two in the match that was held between them at Petrosport Stadium in the Fifth Settlement, within the eleventh week of the Premier League competition.

Mahmoud Wady, the Pyramids striker, took the lead in the 6th minute with the goal of Mahmoud Gad, the goalkeeper of the team, while Rami Sabri, the defender of the oil team, tied in the 42nd minute, while the striker Opoca scored the goal for Enppi in the 43rd minute, and the player also scored the third goal after the start of the second half in the 48th minute, while the Uruguayan reduced Diego Roland, the Pyramids striker, has a goal difference in the 63rd minute.


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