Hazem Imam thanks the Ministry of Culture after placing the sign “Here Long Live” on the house of the big fox


The little fox, Hazem Imam, expressed his great happiness for placing a “sign here Long Live” documenting the residence of his father, the great fox and former Zamalek star, Hamada Imam, on the walls of the house, thanking the Ministry of Culture and the National Organization for Civilized Coordination.

Hazem Imam with his mother
Hazem Imam with his mother

Hazem posted a picture with his mother, Dr. Magi El-Halawany, next to the new sign, commenting: “Thank you the Ministry of Culture and the National Organization for Civilized Coordination.”


Hazem Emam
Hazem Emam

Hazem Imam, the former captain of the Zamalek club, revived the fifth anniversary of the departure of his late father Hamada Imam through his official account on Facebook, when he told his father’s story with the White Castle when he scored five goals against Al-Ahly Club in the final of the Egypt Cup for the 20-year-old team.

He wrote under the title “The Story of the Warplane and the Title of Mohammed V”, a lengthy post in which he said: “The title of Hamada Imam, unlike the fox, is another title, which is” Mohammed V “, and this is due to the fact that when he was 18 years old he used to play at times with the 20-year-old team in the club in The intelligence and skills he used to have remained, and when the twenty-year-old team reached the final of the Egyptian Cup to confront Al-Ahly to determine the champion, the technical staff of the White Castle decided to seek help from Hamada Imam in the meeting, but he was accompanied by his late father, Yahya Imam in the Gaza Strip, especially since his father was deputy governor of the Gaza Strip And he wanted his son to study“.


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