He could not bear the separation of his wife, so he joined her .. What you do not know about the artist Izzat Al-Alayli


Ashraf Zaki, the head of the Actors Syndicate, announced the death of the great artist, Izzat Al-Alayli, at the age of 86, without announcing the causes of death, and his funeral will be held after Friday prayers at Al-Marwa Mosque, next to Dreamland Hospital.

The late artist announced, less than a month ago, the death of his wife on the air while hosting the “Her Excellency” program presented by Issad Younes on DMC, where he entered into a fit of crying on air after being affected when he spoke about his late wife, Mrs. Sana.

Al-Alayli said: “My wife, may God have mercy on her, has a very great merit in raising children. Sleeping on her voice, may God have mercy on her, she gave me very, very much, and I could not fulfill her right. ”

Isaad Yunus expressed her great sadness, as Al-Alaili surprised her with the news of his wife’s death on the air, saying: “Unfortunately, I still do not know for now that she does not exist. The organizer of his life and his children is a recurring model in the women of Egypt, but she remains unique in her case because she is the wife of this man, whom Arif hears, and salute to her noble spirit, may God have mercy on her and improve her.

Al-Alayli concluded his talk about his wife, saying: “I swear by God, really, there was no need for anyone else, she was the one who was in control of every need.”

Artist Ezzat Al-Alayli holds a BA at the Higher Institute for Dramatic Arts in 1960, but he did not start his acting career upon graduation due to his care for his four brothers after the death of his father, so he worked as a TV programmer for a while, before the opportunity came to him through the movie “Message from an Unknown Woman” in 1962, which It was his cinematic debut.

After that, his works varied to participate in dozens of works between cinema and television. One of his most important roles was in the movie “The Land” in 1970 directed by Youssef Shaheen, and among his most prominent works is “The Road to Eilat, People of the Summit, Mansouriya, Al-Tout and Al-Naboot”, and in the theater he participated in Several plays, the most important of which is “Hello Bakwat, Village Revolution”.

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