He fought his daughter before the court: “You were dishonored after she fled 7 times.”


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The murderer of his daughter in Helwan – before the Cairo Criminal Court, whose trial he and his son, headed by Counselor Mahmoud Kamel al-Rashidy, is considering – said that his daughter caused shame to him, after her repeated escape from the house, and this escape tarnished her reputation.

The judge ordered the guards – during the hearing of the session – to remove the defendants from the dock, and confronted them with the charges against them, but they denied, and the court allowed the accused to speak, after the defense’s approval. According to him, it is a disgrace, as she ran away 7 times from the house for no reason, and the last time he agreed with her brother to prevent her from going out, and she was tied in one of the rooms, and he had previously written a report in the Khanka section of her escape, and his daughter caused, as he said, “calibrating him. From near before strange ».
While the second accused, the brother of the victim, requested his release because he was married and had children who needed expenses, and that he was a daily worker, and since his imprisonment they were going through a financial crisis.
The court heard the defense’s pleading, who requested the defendants ’innocence of the accusations against them, and argued that there was no intention to kill. Response.
The defense requested the release of the first accused with any guarantee that the court deems fit, because his client is incapacitated, and also based his defense on the statements of witnesses, who confirmed that the girl used to repeatedly escape from the house, and that her father has the right to discipline her because he is her main sponsor, and that the present state of disability keeps the accused away from The accusation department against him, as he did not intend to kill his daughter, and what he was doing to protect her from the street.
And he based his pleading on the forensic report, which stated that the victim had died as a result of her nervous shock, and he also argued that criminal responsibility was absent, and he asked the court to amend the record and description. At the end of the session, the court reserved the case for judgment in the next April round.
The prosecution had referred the two defendants to the criminal court, after they were charged with premeditated murder, and the prosecution’s investigations revealed that the first accused killed his daughter with the help of her older brother, when they restricted her movement with a rope, and beat her until she died.

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