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Thursday 04 February 2021

I wrote – Yasmine El-Sharkawy:

Today marks the anniversary of the death of the great artist Magdy Wahba, who was born on September 19, 1944, and his absence from death on this day in 1990, and he is one of the most famous villains of Egyptian cinema and one of the most famous artists who left their mark in the works that they participated in.

In this report, we present to you the most important information about Magdy Wahba:

– His full name is Majdi Metwally and Hiba Mohamed, and he was born in Upper Egypt.

He obtained a Bachelor’s degree from the Higher Institute of Dramatic Arts in 1967, after which he joined the College of Arts and obtained a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology.

He married the daughter of the cousin of the former Queen of Egypt, Queen Nariman, and had her only daughter, Manal.

Director and actor Nour El-Demerdash chose him to star in the series “The Rest Comes”.

– Among the most prominent works of the artist Majdi Wahba are “Hanafi Al-Abha”, “The Word of Honor”, “Night and Bars”, “Badoor”, “The Devil Knocks Your Door”, “From Love What Kills”, “Mud”, “Al-Khawafin”, “The Guide “The game of revenge.”

– He also participated in several TV shows, including: “The Spring Leaves Fell”, “The Rest Comes”, “Abu Al-Hassan”, “Al-Falah”, “The Departed”, “The Lottery King” and “Things We Do Not Forget.”

– In a previous interview with the journalist Hazem Al-Shennawi, during which he said that he wishes to present a work that expresses the sacrifices and greatness of the mother anywhere, because he owes credit to his mother after the death of his father and her affection for him since he was 40 days old.

– In 1983, Magdy Wahba was arrested in the act of possessing drugs, and the case ended with his acquittal, after he was imprisoned for 70 days pending investigations.

– His daughter, Manal, said in a previous interview with the journalist Ahmed Schubert, that the case, which was rumored to be on the accusation of drug possession, is a fabricated case, especially since her father had a dispute with a prominent political figure who fabricated this accusation for him, and was arrested as a result, but the court ruled innocence after Prove that all evidence denies what has been published about drug trafficking.

– His daughter also spoke about her grandfather (the father of her father), saying that he was a doctor of chest diseases, and he died at the age of thirty-five, and he used to tell them: “I am a little like my father.”

– His daughter said that he had bought a car, to serve the neighborhood in which he lives, so he was the first person to be transported by car.

– His daughter also said that the artist Adel Imam was the most sad thing for him, that the last film he collected with Majdy Wahba, he told him, “You are dead, dead, my brother.”

Magdy Wahba died in Hurghada after traveling to attend the wedding of the actress Sherihan with a severe heart attack, according to what his daughter “Manal” said.

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