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Today marks the birth of the Egyptian artist Emad Abdel Halim, who presented many works of art that remain a mark in the history of Egyptian music.

On Friday, October 20, 1995, passers-by on Al-Bahr Al-Azam Street in Giza found the body of the young artist Emad Al-Din Ali Suleiman, known as “Emad Abdel Halim”, lying on the sidewalk opposite his house, and next to it a suspicious injection, after which investigations showed that it was contaminated with heroin, which ended a dose Adding to him is the life of the Nightingale’s heir, who is 36 years old, according to Sada al-Balad.

The news of the death of the young artist came as a shock to his fans, the artistic community, and his family, especially the daughter of his brother, composer Muhammad Ali Suleiman, the artist Angham, who was not in Egypt at the time to perform an art concert in Tunisia, to wake her up and tell her that her uncle was at the top of the Tunisian news screen, but the news ended Before you see him, to contact her family in Egypt and receive the trauma, she and her mother who raised him when he was young, and her sadness exacerbated her inability to attend his funeral, and her return to Egypt was late, so that her lack of understanding of his death extended for many years, carrying around him the guilt of his death with addiction, for their shortcomings with him, especially because of his constant feeling With loneliness, abandoning his help, and releasing him from the states of despair and depression that he lived, despite the signs of his bad psychological state on him in the last periods of his life, he was a lot of sleep, and little eating, and he never sought to relate.

The life of the heir of Abdel Halim Hafez, who had already adopted him when he was young, after he listened to his singing in the joy of his doctor in Alexandria, and financially, morally and technically sponsored him, was far from the life of the stars, so he did not mix with anyone, and he did not have many friends, and he was an ascetic in life, inclined to sad songs , Which was reflected on the features of his face, who raised his smile despite his artistic brilliance, whether in singing or acting, or the opportunity that the Nightingale gave him to pave the way for him, push him and guide him on the path to success, what prompted him to addiction to drugs, which was his escape from his loneliness, and the enforcer Because of his deep desire to leave life.

The news of the death of “Emad Abdel Halim” was not the first time that his name was associated with narcotic poisons. Years before that, the young artist was involved in a drug case in 1989, and he was released after that with a financial guarantee of 200 pounds and the case was closed.

Rumors targeted the life of the young singer, so they did not let him live in peace and confused him, so that he was unable to confront the audience on stage, despite his distancing from the lights and introversion, the most prominent of which was related to his marriage to the dancer Najwa Fouad in secret, but she denied that completely, explaining that What is between them is a strong friendship, especially for his support for her after her divorce, and his closeness to her, but their marriage was especially difficult for him.

Many paradoxes controlled Imad Abdel Halim’s life, and perhaps it was what brought forth constant sadness in his heart. The poverty of his family prompted him to go to the artists ’agent in Alexandria to sign a number of Ramadan concerts, for which he was paid 30 piasters for each, and fate placed him in the way of Abdel Halim Hafez, who He did not know his shape, because he only had a radio in his house that he listened to his songs only, and after the Nightingale heard his voice at his doctor’s wedding, he asked him to travel with him to Cairo, to adopt him, and indeed, he took him with him in his rehearsals, to learn from him, took care of him, and gave him his name. Until his fame became known, and then he died to leave him alone to complete his artistic career.



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