Here are the most important vitamins to get rid of anxiety


Follow-up: Rahaf Ammar

Health experts have recommended some vitamins to help manage anxiety and de-stress.

Experts said that anxiety is a mental health problem, which may be dangerous for some if it is not controlled, according to what was published by “The Times of India” and transmitted by Sputnik.

And severe anxiety affects people with symptoms including palpitations, tremors, severe pressure and dizziness. Therefore, the experts provided a list of vitamins and nutritional supplements that help manage and control anxiety, namely:

– Vitamin D

Vitamin D helps improve mental health, as it regulates moods and treats mood disorders.

Vitamin D deficiency may cause increased feelings of anxiety and depression, and this vitamin can be obtained from milk and sun exposure.

Vitamin B12

It contributes to reducing the level of stress in the body, and is responsible for the production of the hormone of happiness, and is found in animal products.


Dark chocolate, spinach, almonds, and cashews are among the most important minerals responsible for chemical reactions in the brain.

– Vitamin C

Vitamin C relieves symptoms of anxiety, makes a person feel refreshed and rejuvenated and maintains mental fitness.


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