Hindawi: We will fight for an Olympic medal … facing Denmark


Karim Hindawi, goalkeeper of the Egyptian national handball team, confirmed that the next goal will be good preparation for the Tokyo Olympics, after the performance in which the team appeared in the 2021 World Championships and finished seventh.

“My opinion regarding the fortunes of the Egyptian national team in the Tokyo Olympics, I will be realistic, and it is the difficulty of the task, but the truth is that it is a tournament that will bring together the elite of the teams in the world in this game,” Hendawi said in statements to “BE ONTIME” via Ontime Sports.

He added that the Denmark match, which ended with penalty kicks, would not be repeated often, and it may or may not happen, so it was an unforgettable match.

He explained that it is necessary to follow the same road with the same preparation that preceded the World Handball Championship in Egypt, in order to achieve an Olympic medal in Tokyo, stressing that all players will fight to achieve an achievement there.

He concluded his remarks: “We must focus before the Tokyo Olympics because the medal in an event like this is a very big achievement, and certainly all teams will strive to achieve this.”


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