His agent: Achimbong was imprisoned in Zamalek


Dutchman Roy, the lawyer of Ghanaian Benjamin Achimbong, revealed the reasons for the player filing a complaint against Zamalek, despite what was published about the player’s dues.

Achimbong’s lawyer said in televised statements to Al-Nahar TV: The court in Switzerland did not approve the papers and the video that the player signed and photographed because the court decided that the player filmed it under pressure.

He added that what is happening now from Zamalek aims to not pay the fine to the player and give him $ 250,000 in the value of his dues only without paying the fine decided against the club in favor of the player, which was decided by the court.

He explained that what happened is a crime, so he will inform FIFA, confirming that everything that happens is not true and the player has the right to get one million and 250 thousand dollars.

He continued: “The player was dealing in a bad way, and none of Zamalek officials responded to the player or Ali as his agent.”

He concluded: “Achimbung in, before leaving, was imprisoned in the office and trained individually to pressure him to dispense with his services before leaving.”


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