His agent: Mostafa Mohamed will participate in the Galatasaray match today … and an Egyptian club has requested his inclusion


Ahmed Yahya, the agent confirmed Mustafa Mohammed The Turkish Galatasaray striker, said that the international card of the player arrived today, and he will enter his squad in the next match against Basaksehir.

Zamalek He agreed to loan Mustafa Mohamed for a season and a half to Galatasaray, with the clause entitled to final purchase.

“Mustafa Mohamed’s card arrived and participated in the training, and he will participate in the Galatasaray match today in front of Basaksehir,” Yahya said during statements to the “Ontime Stadium” program on the “On Time Sport” channel.

He continued: “I am Mustafa Muhammad’s agent since he was a youngster, and the one who brought the Turkish offer is the agent Yahya Ali, and I only manage the player’s affairs.”

And Abizaid: “Mustafa Mohamed wanted to play for French Saint-Etienne, but Zamalek agreed to Galatasaray’s offer.”

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He continued: “Everyone in Turkey knows that Galata has signed a major player, and this has been felt since he arrived at the airport, and he will participate in today’s match against Basaksehir.”

When asked, “Were there offers from Egyptian clubs to include Mustafa?”, He explained: “Who in Egypt does not want to include Mustafa Mohamed? There is a club that really wanted that, and I will not mention his name, but the player was his first and last desire is professionalism.”

And he continued: “Mustafa Muhammad has a goal that he wants to achieve. Time is running out and his dream is moving away, and the young player is under the pressures he was exposed to.”


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