His birthday .. Emad Abdel Halim between discovering the Nightingale and leaving early .. Video


On this day, February 4, 1960, the late artist Emad Abdel Halim was born. He grew up in an artistic family with distinction.

The artist, who passed away a young man from the Alexandria governorate, chose to associate his name with Abdel Halim because Abdel Halim Hafez discovered him in one of the meetings, where he was singing at the wedding of the nightingale doctor in his apartment in Alexandria, so Abdel Halim Hafez asked to adopt him financially and morally, so he learned from him the origins of singing And oriental art, and worked in the radio as a singer and actor.

He starred in the series “Al-Dhabab”, and the singer Emad Abdel Halim represented several films, including “My Dignity and the Punishment of Love” and others. Among his most famous songs is “My Mother and Why You Have Happened, Oh Donia Keda”, and he left our world on October 20, 1995, when he was found dead.

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