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09:33 AM | Wednesday 03 February 2021

A new crisis between Al-Ahly and Pyramids due to Osama Jalal

Osama Jalal

During the past hours, a state of controversy emerged about the player Osama JalalThe defender of the recently joined Pyramids team, coming from the Enppi team, in the wake of the media uproar caused by the journalist Ahmed Schubert, after he had announced that “Jalal” had signed transfer contracts to the club. AhlyDuring the last period, for a period of 3 seasons, the red genie, the heavenly team, and the player himself became in trouble, and they faced punishment from the Football Association, as well as the player facing the specter of suspension for a period of 4 to 6 months, as soon as the player’s signature for the two clubs is proven.

Osama Jalal is threatened with suspension

Mohamed Bayoumi, an expert on regulations and laws at FIFA, said in exclusive statements to Al-Watan Sport: “It is wrong for any player to sign two different clubs during the transfer period or outside the transfer period. This is a mistake on the part of the player, and if it is proven correct, he will be punished. Player by the Football Association ».

“Bayoumi” added, “The mistake also falls on the Pyramids club, in the event that the player’s signature to Al-Ahly club is proven, because here too the infringing party is considered, and he is the one who signed the player second, and in this case Pyramids is considered wrong and will be punished.”

And the expert of regulations and laws continued his statements: “A penalty will be imposed on the Al-Ahly club under one condition, and in one case, that the Al-Ahly club has contracted with the player and his contract has not expired with his club Enppi, and the red giant signed with him without the knowledge of his club, so here Al-Ahly becomes wrong, but in general. If the player has an expired contract, there is no crisis or problem in signing with any team.

“It all depends on whether there was a lawsuit or case, or if the matter was discovered in an official way from the clubs that signed with the player, and filed a complaint with the Football Association,” said Mohamed Bayoumi.

It is worth noting that the Pyramids Club had officially announced the inclusion of Osama Jalal, who is preparing to compete in the Tokyo Olympics next summer in Japan, and the player participated in the first training of the heavenly team, after being registered locally and Africa.


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