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11:29 PM | Monday 01 February 2021

Mohamed Magdy Qafsha confuses Musimani's accounts before meeting Al-Duhail at the FIFA Club World Cup

Mohamed Magdy Qafsha, Al-Ahly player

South African seeks pizza Mosimane, Technical Director of the first football team of Al-Ahly Club, to equip all alternatives for all the main players in its squad before facing Al-Duhail, Qatar, in light of the desire of the technical staff to achieve a position worthy of the value and history of Al-Ahly club in the FIFA Club World Cup, and the playmaker center comes on top of Mosimani’s priorities, which His calculations were confused in the absence of all alternatives for Mohamed Magdy Huff, Where Walid Suleiman suffers from a posterior muscle injury, while Nasser Maher underwent a shoulder surgery, and the duo are absent from the Al-Ahly club list in the FIFA Club World Cup.

During Al-Ahly’s daily training, Musimani recruits some offensive line players in the Playmaker Center, during Al-Ahly group training in Qatar.

Al-Ahly is moving to its third training session in Qatar

And the Al-Ahly club mission moved at exactly seven oclock from its residence in the Qatari capital, Doha, to the university stadium, to run the team’s third training session in preparation for the match against Al-Duhail next Thursday, in the opening of the team’s journey at the Clubs World Cup scheduled to be held during the period from 4 to 11 February. Al-Ahly took part in its training today, Monday, at 7:30 pm Cairo time, 8:30 pm Doha time.

Al-Ahly is subject to a Corona swab

The Al-Ahly mission conducted a medical swab today inside its residence, as part of precautionary and preventive measures to address the Corona virus, in order to preserve the safety of everyone.

Al-Ahly is participating in the Club World Cup, for the sixth time in its history, and has previously won the third place in the tournament and won the bronze medal.

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