Hossam Ghaly: Against Al-Shahat’s participation with Al-Ahly in front of Al-Duhail … Afsha and Maaloul make the difference


Hossam Ghaly commander confirmed Ahly The former, the importance of the presence of the player Walid Suleiman with the delegation of the red team in Qatar in preparation for the competition in the FIFA Club World Cup.

“Walid Suleiman is one of the top players in the team, and he has great experiences,” Ghali said in televised statements on MBC Egypt via the Al-Alleeb program.

He added: “Al-Ahly and Al-Duhail of Qatar are two big teams, and the latter is not underestimated, and I hope that the match does not reach overtime and penalty kicks, surely every team will want to face Bayern Munich, and I do not think that there will be surprises, a million percent sure that every technical manager has read the other team.” As if he was playing with him in the league. ”

طالع | The frequency of the BN Sport Open channel, which carries the match between Al-Ahly and Al-Duhail, in the FIFA Club World Cup

He continued: “Hussein Al-Shahat has experiences and played with Al-Ain in the UAE in the Club World Cup, but I see that Al-Shahat did not perform at the same level in the recent period before the Corona period, and from my point of view, Musimani should start with Muhammad Sharif or Taher Muhammad Taher, and he is not convinced of Hussein’s level.” Al-Shahat in the recent period, and his main participation will not help Muhammad Hani in the defensive aspects.

He concluded: “Ali Maaloul is the player who is currently making the difference and forming a terrible front, and Badr Bannon and Ayman Ashraf give the team balance, and I like the Moroccan defender’s confidence in himself and his start of the attack.”

He continued: “I like Muhammad Afsha for his continuity and movement between the lines, and his ability to score decisive goals. I also like Taher Muhammad Taher’s play, and his level will develop much more at Al-Ahly.”

Regarding his successor in Al-Ahly club, Ghali continued: “Each player has a different style of play, the entire midfield of Al-Ahly is distinctive, whether Amr Al-Soulia, Aliou Diang, Akram Tawfiq or Hamdi Fathi, and the club can build on them for many years to come.”

And he continued: “Hossam Ghaly did not come like him (sarcastically). I loved Amr Al-Soliya since I played alongside him, as he was excluded from the list during Martin Yul’s coaching the team. He did not own or tire, and was present daily in training, until he became a key player in My last time with Al-Ahly, and I like these kinds of characters.

And he continued: “Hamdi Fathi is on the rise, a hard-working player, a man and a personality on the field and does not hide, and I love this kind of players, and Karim Nedved, unfortunately, the severely injured, kept him away.

He continued: “I thought about adding Karim Nedved to El Gouna on loan, but his performance has evolved and has become essential for Al-Ahly.”

He concluded: “Mohamed Mahmoud is a very unlucky player, his capabilities are enormous and very talented, and he is reassured in the Al-Ahly midfield in light of the presence of this group of players. Anyone from this group wearing Al-Ahly shirt is better than Hussam Ghaly.”


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