Hossam Ghaly: I am not convinced of Hussein Al Shahat’s performance with Al Ahly, nor would I prefer to push him against Al Duhail


Hossam Ghaly, Al-Ahly midfielder and former Red Castle captain, confirmed that he preferred to push Taher Mohamed Taher in the main Al-Ahly formation against Al-Duhail, Qatar, rather than Hussein Al-Shahat.

At 7:30 p.m. today, Al-Ahly faces the Qatari League title-holder Al-Duhail at the Education City (Al-Rayyan) stadium in the second round of the Club World Cup.

The winner of the Al-Ahly and Al-Duhail match will qualify to meet Bayern Munich, the European Champions League champion, in the semi-finals of the Club World Cup next Monday.

“Taher has more defensive support than Hussein Al-Shahat on the left front in front of Ali Maaloul or the right front in front of Muhammad Hani,” Ghali said in televised statements yesterday.

He continued, “The defensive support of Taa Hussein Al-Shahat is not with the same strength required of him in the match, it does not support much defensively, left or right. I hope that Taher in the Al-Duhail match plays in Al-Hatta, this is not Hussein.”

Ghali added, “Hussein has experience playing in the Club World Cup with Al-Ain Al-Emirati and presented a good level in the tournament, but Hussein is not the same now as Hussein Al-Shahat, who was coming from Al-Ain. From my point of view, Taher or Sherif remains in the wing position instead of Al-Shahat, I am not convinced.” In Hussein Al-Shahat, in the past period. “


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