Hossam Ghaly, in response to the Duhail player: The size of Al-Ahly is that it is in the semi-finals and you will watch it


Hossam Ghaly, the former star of the Egyptian national team and Al-Ahly, responded to the statements of Al-Moez bin Ali, captain of Al-Duhail Club, that they gave Al-Ahly more than its normal size in the first half, and we showed its true size in the second half.

Hossam Ghaly said in televised statements: “Al-Ahly’s natural size is in the semi-finals and you will watch him on television, and Al-Ahly’s size is great for his life, and winning over Al-Duhail is normal for him.”

Hossam Ghaly added: “Musimani was a student of the Qatari team, Al-Duhail, very good. He was able to lock all their keys, and he was in possession of the midfield, and he used all of that to play sweet ball and build attacks in a very organized manner and captured the first half completely and was able to score more than one goal.”

Hossam Ghaly explained: “Hamdi Fathi and Al Sulayyah’s calm in the middle of the stadium and not playing any ball in a dangerous way gave Al-Ahly weight in the first half, and the moves of Hussein Al-Shahat and Walter Bwalia disrupted Al-Duhail’s defense line.

Hossam Ghaly continued: “The second half was opposite to the first half. All that we did was done by Al-Duhail Al-Qatari and he began to dare to press Al-Ahly and put pressure on Ayman Ashraf and Badr Banoun and prevented them from building attacks, and the changes of the coach of Al-Duhail granted the Qatari team the possession and began threatening the goal of Mohammed Al-Shenawy.”

Hossam Ghaly added: “Musimani’s changes gave Al-Duhail the advantage in the second half, and he did not take advantage of the spaces behind Dahr Al-Duhail, and it was necessary for a quick and skillful end to come down and snatch the second goal, and there is more than one player who was absent from the second half.”


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