Hossam Mostafa is similar to Amr Diab to “Madam”: This is what “Al-Hadaba” did when he saw me


Hossam Mostafa is similar Amr diab Who participated in the “plateau” in his last advertisement, surprised the audience with this great similarity between him and Amr Diab, to the point that some people imagined that modern graphics techniques had installed Amr Diab’s face in his youth on his face in different stages with the announcement now. We met Hossam Mostafa in the following interview:

He is famous for his resemblance to Amr Diab

Hossam Mostafa is similar to Amr Diab
Hossam Mostafa is similar to Amr Diab

Hossam Mostafa became similar to Amr Diab, the talk of people and “social media”, and he became a celebrity for the great resemblance between him and “the plateau” in form until he became famous for his resemblance to Amr Diab, that similarity that was the reason for choosing the production company for the last advertisement of “the plateau” that appeared at the beginning In 2021, to play his role in his youth with more than one luke of Amr’s songs throughout his musical history. Some even perceived it to be a truly “plateau”.
Hossam Mostafa was born in Assiut and grew up in a house who loves the voices of Ali Al-Hajjar, Muhammad Mounir, and Muhammad Al-Helou, but he loved Amr Diab’s voice since his childhood in the early nineties. He used to hear his voice when he returned from school in cars passing by the street and some supermarkets when he bought some sweets and requests his house. He found Amr Diab’s voice a different color from what his father hears. Years passed and his love for the plateau increased. He was always keen to hear and watch his songs on television, record them and repeat them over and over, especially the songs of “Ice Cream in Gleem”, so much so that he loved the jeans jacket he wore. Amr Diab is in the movie, and he wants to buy something like him.

Realizing the Dream

Hossam Mostafa and Amr Diab in the advertisement that brought them together
Hossam Mostafa and Amr Diab in the advertisement that brought them together

Since your childhood, you have been keen to buy “The Hadaba” tapes. When did you feel that his features are close to you?
In my teens, my appearance and my features began to approach him. Since my childhood I have been keen to buy Amr Diab’s tapes. I love his songs, especially “We don’t talk in the past” and “Habibi Ya Nour Al-Ain.” His songs liked me and touched my heart a lot, and I admired his clothes and hairstyles. .
Did you attend one of his concerts?
I am from Assiut, and I have not had any luck attending “the plateau” concerts. Besides, I do not have the financial ability to attend these concerts. I always wished to see him in reality, to give him an autography to sign in his handwriting or to take a picture of me with him. I always followed his news and had a strong feeling that I would meet him someday.

Hossam Mostafa also appeared in the advertisement with Luke Amr Diab in the song Nour Al-Ain
Hossam Mostafa also appeared in the advertisement with Luke Amr Diab in the song Nour Al-Ain

How did the dream come true?
I am a graduate of a computer institute, and I work in the computer field, and I am thirty-one years old, and through my Facebook page, I used to post some personal pictures of me, and some friends used to tell me: “You are like Amr Diab,” and I got my pictures through some people on Facebook To Amr Diab’s group, and I did not know that there was this group on the plateau, from here came my fame and they called me the resemblance of Amr Diab, and the programmers of the programs on the satellite channels started calling me and hosting me in the programs, and some of them were looking for me on Google with the title similar to Amr Diab. This allowed me to participate in Amr Diab’s ads. My first advertisement in Ramadan 2019 was “Let’s gather our loved ones”. The company that produced the advertisement was looking for a similar to Amr Diab who would play his role during his youth, while he was playing football with his friends in Port Said. When the company searched on Google under the name of a similar person, Amr Diab, they found my pictures and displayed them on the “plateau,” so he immediately agreed. It was my first opportunity, but I did not meet “the plateau” in this advertisement, and the audience imagined that I am Amr Diab in an old video of him with his friends.
And how did you prepare yourself for the second advertisement with Amr Diab, which appeared at the beginning of this year when you presented more than Luke to the plateau in his songs, especially in the nineties?
The producing company offered me to subscribe to the advertisement, so I agreed immediately. We prepared for 6 days to equip the accessories, clothes and “wigs” (wigs) and 10 more days. Every day, rehearsals for more than one look of Amr Diab’s songs, and I was in the rehearsals doing makeup and the look for each A song and I wore her clothes, and sometimes I filmed three looks for three of his songs in one day.

My encounter with “the plateau”

Hossam Mostafa with Luke Amr Diab in the advertisement ----
Hossam Mostafa with Luke Amr Diab in the advertisement

How was your meeting with the “plateau”?
It did not happen that I sat with him during rehearsals or before filming, because I only met him on the day of filming the scene that brought us together.
How did he react when he saw you?
He looked at me with a look that lasted one minute, expressing his great admiration for my appearance, which resembles him to the point of congruence. During the scene that brought us together, he guided me a lot, that is, our conversation was related to work only, Amr Diab was very few words at the time of filming, what his work means only, and he is in a state of intense focus, and this is the secret of his success, and I also do not speak much, I focus In my work only. We did not talk about any personal or public issues.

Hossam Mostafa also appeared in the advertisement with Luke Amr Diab in the song Tamli Maak
Hossam Mostafa also appeared in the advertisement with Luke Amr Diab in the song Tamli Maak

How did your mom and dad react after the ad was displayed?
They were very happy, because it was a surprise for them, as I intended not to tell them that I was shooting an ad with Amr Diab. So be a surprise to them.
You are now a famous person on “Social Media”, do you like fame and stardom?
I do not like fame or stardom. I made this ad for my great love for Amr Diab, but I do not like for me to be highlighted or be a famous person.

More identical lock

Hossam Mostafa is similar to Amr Diab in the advertisement
Hossam Mostafa is similar to Amr Diab in the advertisement

What lock did you feel most like a “plateau” to the point of congruence?
The look for the “Tamli Ma3ak” songs, we don’t talk about the past, our days, and my beloved, Noor Al-Ain.
Did you feel that Amr Diab cut short many years for you to achieve your fame?
Certainly, without my work with Amr Diab, I would not have reached the knowledge or fame that I reached, even if I had presented ads throughout my life.
Will you continue in art?
God willing, if I would be offered suitable works, whether representation or advertisements. I hope to play the role of Amr Diab in his life story, which will be presented on one of the international platforms, and the production has told me that I am a candidate for this, but until now there is nothing official.
Will you imitate Amr Diab in any other series or any independent advertisement without “the plateau”?
of course no. I will have my own personality in any role offered to me.

Hossam Mostafa and Amr Diab
Hossam Mostafa and Amr Diab

Have some people told you that you will achieve stardom and will be jealous of you “the plateau” and fight you?
“Amr Diab is in another region.” It will not be repeated, and anyone before or after it will not achieve the success of “the plateau,” and I and others will not be a point in Amr Diab’s sea. May God grant me great wisdom to make me look like an extraordinary artist, and God has compensated me for many years of fatigue and misery in my life. I am satisfied if I only presented the ads, no more than that.
Is there a comment that bothered you?
I do not care about any inappropriate personal comments, but I was bothered by the books that my voice is not suitable for singing, and although it is true, I would like to clarify something that I am not seeking to be a singer; Because my voice is not really suitable for singing, but all the programs that hosted me in the press websites insisted that I sing or perform Amr Diab’s songs.

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