Houria Farghali, her condition is dangerous and the doctor stopped the operation


The Egyptian actress, Houria-Farghali, was scheduled to undergo surgery to correct her nose at dawn today, at the hands of an international doctor in a hospital in the United States of America.

But the American doctor treating the Egyptian actress canceled the plastic surgery minutes before undergoing it, today, Thursday, after discovering something surprising.

The doctor’s analyzes showed a decrease in the hemoglobin level in the blood of the Egyptian actress, after she was bruised in the head 24 hours before her surgery.

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The bruise affected the hemoglobin level in the blood of a nymph, and it was decided based on this to stop the surgery due to the seriousness of the situation.

The American doctor treating a nymph is waiting to set another date for the first surgery, which will be decided or not according to the results of the new analyzes within the next hours, at eleven oclock in the evening Chicago time.

At the present time, a nymph was placed on an oxygen machine in preparation for the operation, which lasts about 9 hours, and doctors specializing in nose surgery and others in chest surgery are present with her, because of the bone that doctors will cool her in the shape of her nose.

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We pray to God that Hourias operation will succeed and return to her normal life, and her audience will enjoy her acting work and her wonderful talent.


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