How did Al-Ahly Al-Duhail hit in 45 minutes? (analyzing)


Al-Duhail, Qatar, theoretically possessed everything that would qualify it to defeat Al-Ahly, an offensive line with a market value of 24 million euros that includes resonant names, land and capabilities, but it did not lose because it loses what the giants of Egypt and Africa possess, the spirit that Ayman Ashraf embodied and the history that the masses defended in the stands of a competitor He plays a name at home.

The elements of professional football often bend in front of voluntary motives, spirit, ferocity and desire ignite a psychological war around you even when you think that you are in front of a competitor within reach, which prompted Al-Muizz Ali and his colleagues in the offensive line whose value exceeds 10 times the financial value of Al-Ahly’s attack on panic and retreat is not yesterday Only, but every time they face history, he has not yet seen bags of cash in the football stadiums to score goals.

Al-Moez Ali, the top scorer of the last edition of the Asian Cup of Nations, Brazilian Edmilson and his compatriot Dodo and the Kenyan giant Michael Olonga of 24 million euros in exchange for Walter Bwalia, Marwan Mohsen, Taher and Salah Mohsen, with a market value of 2 million and 600 thousand euros, a difference estimated by the “Transfer Market” website at 21 million And 400 thousand euros in the attack only, and in the end the money was not registered and Al-Ahly won.

Musimani leads Al Duhail

Al-Ahly played one of the best in the FIFA Club World Cup in general, and with Pitso Mosimane in particular, thanks to the South African coach and the first-half tactic that guided the plans and preparations of Sabri to Moshe, the Duhail coach for the match.

Contrary to Musimane’s habit of appearing better in the second half, the South African coach surprised his French counterpart with a set of changes to the striker of the players on the field, Tahir switched from wing to depth, coach Hussein al-Shahat gave freedom and moved him to the position of the left wing instead of the right, assigning Maaloul to increase the attack and secure it Bhamdi Fathy to take advantage of the weakness of Mohamed Moussa, the right-back for Al-Duhail.

Al-Ahly’s control of the ball and getting it out properly retreated with the Qatari team back, until Moshe pushed Michael Olwinga towards Ayman Ashraf to try to push Musimani to switch between Ashraf and Badr Bannon to try to make a defect in leaving the ball from the back that did not bear fruit and the Al-Ahly defender was overwhelmingly superior to the Kenyan giant.

Al-Ahly scored his goal under great pressure from Bwalya, the owner of the excellent tactical role, whether by moving towards the Yemeni wing to create a space for Taher, who played behind him, or by pressing the ball carrier to help the Congolese contribute to the goal and score another scooped by the offside to bring back to mind Muhammad Barakat’s goal in the canceled 2008 Mexican Pachuca, which brought the team back The last of the match.

Hani loophole

Pachuca, who perhaps Musimani did not realize, put the red team in trouble in the second half after Moshe intervened and pushed Muhammad Muntari and Muizz Ali to help Musa, and the latter remained almost permanently in defense and pushed Edmilson on Hani, who returned from absence and with Mosimane’s fear of dismissing Hamdi Fathi due to receiving a warning The Qatari team abandoned his guard and returned for the match.

And if the first half was the best first half for Musimani with Al-Ahly, then the second half was the worst for him with Al-Ahly and he could manage it in a better way, especially given that he saw Hani’s loophole without interfering, even if Akram was transferred to this front with Hani, especially since it was only a danger to the Red Club and then a change Bwalya Marwan Mohsen, at a time when the attack needed a more rapid player to take advantage of the spaces in the back of the home team.

The pressure of Al Duhail was borne by the complete brilliant duo Badr Bannon, the voice of reason, the wonderful interventions, the star of the first match, and for the second match in a row, Ayman Ashraf, who provided a lesson in how the mid-rise defender deals with a giant and with air balls.

Al-Ahly won because it took advantage of its superiority and took advantage of the opponent’s weaknesses, which he showed weakly in the first half for his coach’s tactic and not because of the opponent’s weakness to strike a date with a giant who needs a spherical epic to come out with the least losses.


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