How did the management of Zamalek solve the equation of Mustafa by dividing by two?


Zamalek management moved quickly on three fronts in 48 hours to solve two crises and consolidate the team before closing the window of the winter transfer period, so that the club succeeded in strengthening its ranks after loaning players and obtaining a material gain as well without disturbing the strength of the team.

Zamalek announced the contract with Marawan Hamdi, the striker of the clearing Egypt, and the borrowing of the Tunisian Seif El Din Jaziri, after agreeing to the departure of Mustafa Mohamed to the Turkish Galata Saray and resolving the crisis of Mohamed Onagem by loaning him to Wydad with a financial return.

Mustafa Muhammad’s crisis escalated in the last hours before his departure due to his desire to become professional, and the Zamalek administration insisted on continuing to solve the equation by dividing him or “dividing” him into attackers who possess promising abilities and skills.

Marawan Hamdy is the first deal in the Zamalek attack this season, the international striker who played for the Egyptian national team a year and two months ago in particular is one of the distinguished names this season and has the ingredients that qualify him for a chance to succeed Mustafa Mohamed, he is only one year older than him, and about the same height, he is fluent in air games In which the current Galatasaray striker excels.

Marawan Hamdy attracted Hossam Al-Badri’s interest while on loan to the Tigris last season and so far, the Fayoumi striker has performed a great performance, and he is qualified for registration in Africa and in a center where national players are scarce and full of foreign professionals, so the choice is logical in terms of who is on the scene and the material value of who is shown.

Saif al-Jaziri differs from Hamdi and the current Mawjidin in the Zamalek list and even in previous periods in terms of his style and technical abilities in moving and dribbling and his superiority over Mustafa Muhammad in this aspect, and it is an ideal choice for the 4-3-3 method used by Portuguese Jaime Pacheco on a regular basis.

Al-Jaziri has extensive experience both in playing the local tournament with its atmosphere and stadiums, in addition to withstanding the pressure to form in the African Club, the second pole of Tunisia.

Al-Jaziri scored 11 goals in the league championship last season, which is the same number of goals scored by Mostafa Mohamed, to be called up to the Tunisian national team in the same period in which Marwan Hamdi was called up to the Egyptian national team.


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