How to save articles with Microsoft OneNote extension?


OneNote is a Microsoft-friendly program for every researcher, given how important the application is when doing good-sourced search, and perhaps one of the features that helps you is OneNote Web Clipper, which is a free add-on that you can install, and you will want that, if you use OneNote to search the document on the Internet.


According to business insider, by using the Web Clipper browser extension, you can cut a web page or article and put it directly into your OneNote notebook for quick and easy reference, instead of relying on a bookmark or leaving another tab open in your browser.

You can find and download the Web Clipper, and OneNote works to make Microsoft more powerful as follows:

1. Go to in your web browser.

2. For the download, it should automatically detect your browser type. Click on “Get OneNote Web Clipper for” followed by the browser you are using.

3. Follow the on-screen instructions to download, and ensure that the Web Clipper plugin is granted any required access to your browser.

4. Once downloaded, you will configure the OneNote Web Clipper with your copy of OneNote, click the extension icon in the browser toolbar to start.

5. Log in to the associated Microsoft account when the popup appears.

6. If prompted, allow OneNote the required permissions to use the OneNote Web Clipper.

How to save articles with Microsoft OneNote Web Clipper?

1. After downloading the Web Clipper extension, go to the webpage where you want to trim the information to save it to OneNote.

2. Select the Web Clipper icon in the browser toolbar.

3. Select whether to crop a “full page”, a screen shot defined by “region,” only the text that contains “article”, or “bookmark” for the link and title.

4. Choose a notebook and clip location in OneNote to save the piece, then click “Clip” to finish.

The option to display your own section will appear in OneNote, tap “View in OneNote” to open the app in the notebook and the section where the new section is.


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