How to transfer chat history from WhatsApp to the “Telegram” application


The messaging application “Telegram” has seen a significant increase in its user base in recent weeks, as many have been looking for an alternative to WhatsApp.

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After the big wave of migration to “Telegram”, the application added the ability to import chat history from WhatsApp to its platform, which means that you will not lose previous conversations if you want to switch messaging services.

The new feature reached Telegram users via the iOS operating system with version 7.4.1, which was launched on January 27th and was monitored by 9to5Mac.

The company “Telegram” later announced that the feature is also available through the Android system. Besides WhatsApp, chat logs can also be imported from Line and KakaoTalk apps, according to Telegram’s changelog’s iOS.

The addition of this feature comes at a time when the company “Telegram” reports huge increases in the number of users for its application, as the service now includes more than 500 million active users around the world. The reason appears to be the new privacy policy previously announced by WhatsApp, as it raised privacy concerns about the messaging application owned by “Facebook” (WhatsApp later delayed the introduction of the new policy through its platform, and insisted that it would not affect the security of consumer conversations or data. Profile personly).

For users switching from WhatsApp to Telegram, their ability to take chat logs with them means one less barrier to switching.

The import process works on a chat-by-chat basis, and it is the same for individual conversations as it is for group conversations. To start importing a chat from the WhatsApp messaging service on iOS:

– Open the relevant conversation, then tap the group or contact name from the top of the chat to open its information screen.

– The “Export Chat” option opens the iOS sharing page, where you will see the option to select “Telegram”.

After that, just select the Telegram chat to transfer messages to it.

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Meanwhile, on Android, Telegram notes that the “Export Chat” option can be found in WhatsApp by clicking the three-dot button in the upper right of the chat, then selecting “More”.

Any messages imported into chats will have a small “Imported” label on them indicating the date they were originally sent, and when they were transferred to “Telegram”, and the messages are visible to all chat participants.

There is an option to import WhatsApp chat logs with or without pictures. Imported messages appear in the order in which they were imported, not in the order they were originally sent.

Source: The Verge


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