Hussein Abu Hajjaj acknowledges thanks to his “magnitude” and reveals his health problems


In a statement to “Sky News Arabia”, “Hussein’s uncle” confirms that Common His death is incorrect, explaining that he only suffers from a health problem that forced a joint replacement in his body.

He explained that he refused this order, preferring to do physical therapy and some non-surgical treatments, and fortunately, he started to improve.

He confirmed that he apologized this year for participating in all the roles that were offered to him due to his health condition, as he was supposed to participate in Movie A Lebanese production with the artist Hassan Al-Raddad because he cannot stand in front of the camera. Since his childhood, people used to resemble “Uncle Hussein” to the hero of the American series “The Green Man”, and ask him to participate in the artworks, but he did not care what people said, until a coincidence came when He was in his workshop, which he started working in in 1986, and it was located in front of the Palace of Culture.

At that time, director Etham Al-Foly, who was preparing to direct Fawazir Ramadan for the Egyptian Channel 7, saw him, along with an artist called “Anbar”, so he agreed and accepted to participate, to start his artistic life after that.

He explained that the artist Hani Ramzy helped him enter the world of art by virtue of their being from the city of Bani Mazar, to present a series of artistic roles, the most important of which are “Saidi at the American University”, “The Observer”, “Stupid of him in it” and “Zaki Chan”.

He pointed out that the first film he participated in was “Saidi at the American University”, in which he played the role of Luay, where the scene was admired and a reason for his fame.

Regarding the most important roles he is proud of, Hussein’s uncle affirms that most of his works left an imprint on the audience, but the role of “Ashraf” in the series “Al-Kabeer Awi” is one of the best roles that gained great popularity among people.

He pointed out that he is currently focusing on working in his own tire shop, as it is his main source of livelihood and that he is proud of and will not leave him no matter what.

He added that the experience of the short series “Ambulance Younes”, which consists of only ten episodes, with actor Mohamed Anwar, the owner of the light blood, and director Moataz Al-Touni, was a very good experience for him, and he was very happy to work on it.

Hussein’s uncle was born in December 1954 from the city of Bani Mazar. He is married and has 4 children.


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